Types of airplane enginesTwo-Cycle Glow

2-stroke airplane engines are the most popular and produce more power for their size and easier to maintain. They are also less expensive of all the engines on the market today. The majority of gas models are using a 2-cycle glow stroke engines.

Four-Cycle Glow

A 4-stroke engine became popular in the early 80’s. These engines produce more torque then 2-stroke engines at lower RPMs and are much more quite. These engines are great for planes that need to make strong vertical climbs with consent airspeed.  4-stroke engines compared to 2-strokes engines are more efficient on gas.

Two-Cycle Gas

The fuel for Two-Cycle gas engines  are less expensive then glow fuel. For giant scale places gas engines are better. For smaller planes 10lbs or less nitro engines should be used. It will take a large gas engine to match the power of a nitro engine do to nitro being more powerful.

Gas engines require an on board ignition system to start the engine. This will add weight and it’s another piece of electronics to maintain.


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