Servos have a number of defining properties that make them suitable for different applications:

  • Torque is a measurement of the servos strength, how much pull or push it has. Torque is the product of force and the radius at which it acts. Larger planes need higher torque servos to move larger control surfaces. Servo size goes up with rated torque.
  • Dimensions depend on your application servos come in many different sizes.
  • Weight of a servo depends on several things. Recorded in grams, the weight of a servo should always be reported on the package it came in
  • Bearings are used to support the output shaft of a servo, another way to support the output shaft of a servo are brushes. Brushes are the cheaper of the two, but bearings last longer and operate a lot more smoothly. Small and cheap servos tend to have brushes, while the high end and large servos have bearings. [Read more…]