When was the last time you needed a tool and knew exactly where to find it? For many of us, keeping track of them isn’t an easy job. A screwdriver ends up in a drawer, your tape measure ends up in the backyard. Before you know it, you have to start hunting down tools every time there’s a small job to be done. Whether you have just a few or a large collection of tools, organizing them could make your life a lot easier. You save time and prevent frustration.

Getting organized sometimes seems like more trouble than it is really worth. It can pay off in the long run. What you must do first is to know what tools you have to take inventory of all them. Open all your drawers and place every tool out on top of a table in front of you. Once you know exactly what you have organizing it will be much easier. I would start by sorting every tool into a few different groups.

Whenever I start a new project I get all the tools I need in front or on the side of me so I can access them quickly. The last thing I want to do when an emergency comes up is to start looking for tools.

See the pictures of my workshop below.

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