Whenever you put your plane down or have to work on it inverted you’re looking for trouble. An inexpensive way to solve this is to create a stand made from PVC pipe. This will eliminate the chances of damaging your plane.

Here are thplane-stand-2e plans and parts listed needed.

You need to figure out how long you need your stand. I like mine just in front of the 2 wheel landing gear and in front of the stabilizer. Measure this distance and subtract 3 inches   L___________

Measure the width of your fuselage were it is the widest and add 1 ½ inches.    W___________

Now measure the height from the bottom of the fuselage to the top of the fin.   H __________

You will need 10 tees, 6 caps, 4 90 degree elbows, 2 8 foot by ½ inch PVC pipe, 6 feet of 1/2 foam pipe installation.

You can use a hacksaw or a pipe cutter they both work well.

You will need to cut the following pieces:

Take the measurement you got for length and cut 2 pieces of PVC this length. Now cut each of these pieces in half. Label these 4 pieces (L)

Take the measurement you got for width and cut 4 pieces of PVC this length. Label these 4 pieces (W)


Take the measurement you got for height and cut 4 pieces of PVC this length. Now take the measurement you got for height divide it by 2 and subtract 1. Take this new measurement and cut off that amount from each of the original 4 pieces you cut for the height. Label the longer 4 pieces (HM) and the shorter 4 (HB)

Cut 4 pieces of PVC 4 inches long and label them (T) for top

Cut 2 pieces of PVC 9 inches long and label them (B) for brace

The thickness of the PVC pipe and the added space of the elbows cause us to make changes in the length of the cuts.


Get ready to build

Start by making the base by laying out all the pieces on the table.

Continue to join the pipes until you have what looks like the stand in the pictures

Place the stand on your work bench, and adjust it until it is stable and sits flat.

2013-02-25 20.41.37The structure should be sturdy and you may not have to glue it. If you do don’t glue the tee you use for the length and brace in the middle. You can spin the 9 inch brace pipe up to save space when not needed.

Add the foam insulation, and you are done. Below are some pictures of the one I made.

If you want to save some time I sell these stands for only $38.00 which includes free shipping to anywhere in the Continental United States

Don’t forget to let us know the length, width and height you need for your stand. Final product maybe be up to 1/2 inches shorter or longer then your measurements you requested.


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